be progressive / 独立生产单元


SW 为其加工中心开发了一种带集成自动化的上下料模块,可以配置在特定的 SW 机器系列上。这种模块是一种即插即用的解决方案,在此解决方案中,机器、机器人和工件库采用客户定制的吊钩形设计方案。  其他附加的技术,例如装夹转换、加标记或扫描同样也可集成在内。


Automate with the loading unit

Automation with flexibility - also for custom applications

The SW Storage Tower and TopRob are the central building blocks of the automation solution for SW machining centers . The SW Storage Tower and TopRob are linked to the machine via standardized interfaces that connect the controller installed in the workpiece storage system to the higher-level IT of the machining center.

The assignment of workpiece carrier and position of the individual workpieces on the carrier enables complete traceability of the production history. This provides the user with a system that is as powerful as it is flexible for automating his machining processes.