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60 % shorter cycle time per workpiece | 60 % less space required | 50 % lower energy cost


Our success depends 100% on your productivity. That is why we developed ‘multi-spindle machining’ up to four times more production out-put without any additional floor space requirement. learn more...


Are you aware that your production out-put can be increased by up to a factor of four? You can rest assured that you are getting your highest production out-put when using the world-leading SW multi-spindle machining centers. learn more...


Protect what is important to you: your productivity. With a service as valuable as its name: life. Plan reliably, respond quickly, and operate easily. Lasting through the life of a machine.
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Still using robots with fenced enclosures taking up valuable floor space? You should give serious consideration to the smart SW multi-spindle machining centers with integrated automation or portal loading.
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Technology. Machines. Systems.

Productive machining – efficient automation

Multi-spindle machining centers from SW offer you highly efficient and high-precision manufacturing of components for vehicle powertrains, machine construction and precision engineering. You will achieve higher actual output than with four one-spindle machines – while saving energy and money with every cycle. At the same time you will be able to handle significantly higher production capacity in the same work area.

As a system partner we also plan complete manufacturing lines for you and set them up with automation perfectly tailored to your components – all from a single provider. As Technology People, we have the expertise for peak productivity. See for yourself in these pages.

Efficiency is / 4 in one
Up to 50% / less energy costs