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Multi-spindle machining centers, automation and system solutions

Multi-spindle machining centers from SW offer you highly efficient and high-precision manufacturing of components for vehicle powertrains, machine construction and precision engineering. You will achieve higher actual output than with four one-spindle machines – while saving energy and money with every cycle. At the same time you will be able to handle significantly higher production capacity in the same work area.

As a system partner we also plan complete manufacturing lines for you and set them up with automation perfectly tailored to your components – all from a single provider. SW currently has 1000 employees worldwide and generated sales of about €400 million in 2018. In addition to SW Automation in Tettnang, Germany, which specializes in automation, SW also has subsidiaries in France, Italy and Poland as well as in the USA, in China and in Mexico.

Be Productive. Be SW.

60 % shorter cycle time per workpiece | 60 % less space required | 50 % lower energy cost

One thing counts above everything in global competition: Productivity. The only way for manufacturers to sustainably maintain a strong position in supply chains is through reliably high machining quality and short cycle times. Especially in medium and large series production, multi-spindle machining centers from SW meet these requirements like no other production technology. However, individual machines are only part of the solution. The full potential can only be unlocked through the interplay of all production steps with customized automation to ensure a reduced-manpower operation.

Because of this, more and more companies are investing in complete manufacturing lines: An optimized process chain from machine loading through various individual process steps such as deburring or washing and on to measuring and packaging – automatically and consistently documented. SW has been planning and implementing lines like these for decades and the demand is growing steadily. Productivity and availability are closely related. Modern service includes much more than responding quickly to failures. life services from SW begin on the day of delivery: From commissioning machines and training employees through online services and on to upgrades for older machines. Or as we say: Be pro. Be SW.

Be proactive / SW life Services.

Lasts for the lifetime of the machine.

life: Lifelong partnership

With life services, SW accompanies its customers along the entire lifecycle of the machine, continuously ensuring peak productivity and availability. To do this, SW relies on direct collaborative work and solving problems together. The services offer customized coverage of practical requirements, from training for employees and startup to analysis of machine data, the hotline and field service including delivery of spare parts, and on to retrofitting of older machines.