Option/Loading Module

To create an independent manufacturing cell with enough supply of workpieces for one shift, SW has developed an integrated loading module for its machining centers that can be docked with the basic machine. This is a plug & play solution designed customer-specifically for the machine, robot and workpiece storage as a crane hook solution. In addition to loading and unloading in parallel to machining time with an integrated 6-axis robot, it is also possible to exchange
the workpiece supply in parallel to system production time.


  • Solution over corner: free access at the corner, material flow crosswise,
  • Strong 7-kg-robot for multi gripper solutions and moving of the pallets
  • Perfect for parts up to a size of 100 x 100 x 50 mm and a weight up to 0,7 kg


  • Pallets with identification
  • Raw parts is chosen depending on NC-program
  • Visual inspection with a camera


  • Loading and unloading of the pallets in ergonomic height which is always the same
  • Good possibility for placing parts with insertion support
  • Drive with a low wear ball screw drive 
  • Lift cage as freely programmable axis for positioning


  • Request for unloading: Pallet with finished parts are delivered in order
  • Request for loading: Free positions of raw part pallets are provided
  • No manipulation through the worker (>fifo)