Be productive: More power and performance for all part sizes – EMO Highlights from SW

Nearly all automobile manufacturers have begun to manufacture electric vehicles in series production and are using large-format structural parts made of light metals to further reduce weight. "The one-spindle BA W08-12 is specially designed for machining large parts," stresses Reiner Fries, Managing Director of Sales at SW. "Like the other SW linear motor machines, it achieves higher dynamics than most competitor machines and thereby boosts productivity directly." The BA W08-12 provides a working area of 1500 x 900 x 650 mm for 4- and 5-axis machining.

Be productive: Fully automated manufacturing cell BA 322i for unsupervised shifts

Two-spindle machining centers double the output with less installation area and less energy consumption. In the fully automated, independent BA 322i manufacturing cell, the loading module with integrated 6-axis robot and pallet storage is already mounted on the machine. "The storage is adequate for complete unsupervised shifts, but it can be filled at any time without stopping the machine," explains Reiner Fries. With a spindle distance of 300 mm, the working area has the dimensions 300 x 450 x 375 mm. Automotive suppliers or users in medical technology and precision mechanics are following this approach to significantly lower the unit costs of production.

Be proactive: SW algorithms incorporate the experience of millions of operating hours

"We have already been networking our customer machines for many years and we have created the SW CloudPlatform with high security standards. I wish that more users would set their fears aside and use the data so they can achieve and preserve maximum productivity for the entire machine lifecycle," emphasizes the SW Managing Director. "As one of the six modules of the ‘life’ services portfolio, we record operating data for the customer with ‘life data’ as well as status and maintenance information. The encrypted data is also sent only where the customer wants to have it." Based on several million operating hours, SW has developed algorithms that make it possible to improve processes. "With condition monitoring functions we enable predictive maintenance, which saves time and money."

In some cases customers are able to carry out upgrades for these and similar functionalities themselves, or they can be supported by a team from ‘life Upgrade’. All SW ‘life’ services modules are intermeshed with each other to ensure optimum support of SW machines over their entire lifecycle and offer potential for optimization again and again.


SW at EMO: Hall 12, Stand C58