New Control Panel C|one. The SW ControlCenter.

Smart phones have redefined the operation of digital technologies and the interface between the operator and machine, leaving their mark for decades. Moving the hardware keys to the user interface, swiping and zooming are well
known functions on smartphones and other terminal devices. With the new C|one control panel, SW transfers these familiar user-friendly features to manufacturing applications. The slim but sturdy aluminum housing, featuring a new design, is height-adjustable. The display can be swiveled in any direction so the operator has everything in view during machining. SW developers have consistently reduced the hardware control elements to the bare essential. For example, the operator can select different modes of the multi-functional control dial at a touch. The multi-touch-capable display is designed for the special requirements of production. An intelligent touch controller is integrated into the control panel,
which minimizes the danger of water and dirt or operator errors due to wrist rest while ensuring safe operation through
real-time capability. A tailor-made user interface makes all additional tools for operating the machine available and can be adapted to the situation in hand.

“The easy operation of machines is becoming more and more important in times of a worldwide skilled labor shortage,“ emphasizes Reiner Fries, SW Managing Director. „The new control panel shows how intelligent solutions can make every day work easier.“

The new control panel is available for the BA 2 and BA W02 machine series. Over the next few years, it will be successively available for the other SW machine models.