SW Service: Regular inspections increase availability

The availability of machining centers for users is a crucial factor for productivity and thus for manufacturing costs per part. This applies especially to older machines for which the warranty has expired. Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (SW) now supports users worldwide proactively with structured inspections and data evaluations based on Artificial Intelligence. This gives users a high level of availability and process reliability for their SW systems long-term. SW draws up a list of resulting recommendations for repairs that are due, arranged by priority and including detailed quotes.

Inspections at a fixed price have long been taken for granted by automobile drivers. SW is transferring this approach to the roughly 6000 machines installed around the world with the life upgrade service. The inspection begins in advance with a data query of the corresponding system. Based on the data, SW Service creates for example a spindle-specific "route" for the roller bearing analysis of the motor spindle and transfers it to the roller bearing analysis device.

The subsequent inspection of the machine on site includes a structured examination with a spindle geometry check and roller bearing analysis of the motor spindles. A hydraulic oil sample is also taken. All data and samples are then evaluated intensively using artificial intelligence, while the machine continues on with production. When SW spindle assembly evaluates the data of the roller bearing analysis, for example, it also makes use of machine learning algorithms to reliably evaluate condition. All data resides in protected storage in the SW database and serves as reference values for upcoming inspections. This allows SW Service Specialists to detect long-term changes and trends as well and makes it possible to respond to wear at an early stage.

After the evaluation, SW creates an extensive analysis of the machine condition with recommendations for actions to carry out to ensure the process reliability of the machine state until the next maintenance interval. Customers are free to decide based on the detailed cost estimates and expected duration of repairs whether and how they will implement the recommended measures. An inspection sticker in the operator's field of view indicates the next inspection appointment after twelve months. Ultimately it is the same as with a car: Not every measure is necessary immediately, but others must be implemented as quickly as possible because otherwise a machine stoppage will occur.

You can obtain further information about our life upgrade services here or directly by calling +49 7402 74-7240.

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