Electric Vehicles / Your SW Solution

Electric vehicles of the present and of the future have unique requirements. Not only do they consist of new workpieces such as battery housings and other large structural components, but they also change the specifications of some familiar workpieces such as stator, gearbox, and clutch housings. SW will accompany you in the transition from machining well-known workpieces, to the new, often larger and lighter workpieces for electric vehicles.

Typical of Technology People, we always have the highest standards for efficiency and precision, both in the development of new products, such as the BA W06 and the BA space3, and in the integration of automation. As a system provider, we have the entire production in mind, true to our vision "WE THINK SYSTEMS". The thorough analysis of processes, requirements and challenges for EV workpieces allows us to say: We are the right partner for your transition!

Workpiece Examples / Battery Housings and Structural Components

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Products / Electric Vehicles

BA space3

With a working range of 3,000 x 1,800 x 875 mm on the X, Y and Z axes, the BA space3 is the largest machine SW has ever built and is perfect for machining battery housings and other large structural components.

BA W06

The new BA W06 is one of the fastest machining centers in the world. The linear motor drives and other smart solutions guarantee dynamic machining of non-ferrous workpieces of around 600 mm in length.

BA W08

The BA W08 can accommodate large structural components up to 1500 x 900 x 650 mm. The linear motor enables it to achieve excellent acceleration values (2G/120m/min) in high-speed machining.

Technical Highlights

2-Axis Swivel Head

The BA space3 features an optional spindle with a 2-axis swivel head, which enables flexible machining at any angle without additional re-clamping. This reduces re-clamping errors, for example during the production of battery housings, to a minimum. Higher accuracy of the workpiece can thus be achieved. The spindle is also available with MQL (minimum quantity lubrication).

System Solutions

As a system supplier, we design and manufacture complete production lines with automation perfectly suited for your workpieces - all from a single source. SW has a range of standardized automation solutions that we can be integrated into your production. One such solution, which has proven its efficiency for loading and unloading battery housings, is our 6- or even 7-axis FloorRob.

HSK 100 light

In addition to the standard HSK-63 and HSK-80, the new BA W06 is also available with an HSK-100 light spindle. Here, "light" refers to the weight reduction of the spindle, which makes dynamic and efficient machining possible despite the large tool diameter.