IH-LD Installation, Operation and Configuration of the ‘life data’ System

Installation, Operation and Configuration of the ‘life data’ System

IH-LD Installation, Operation and Configuration of the ‘life data’ System


The objective of this course is to enable the participants to gain comprehensive knowledge about the SW ‘life data’ system. First, the participants learn to install and implement the SW ‘life data’ client on an SW machine and to connect the SW machine to the ‘life data’ server. Furthermore, the participants learn how to use the ‘life data’ portal, carry out activity-related configurations and condition monitoring. This also includes the analysis of the results and the initiation of the necessary activities. The theoretical part is complimented by practical exercises on the machine.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to  provide the ‘life data’ functionality on an SW machine and improve its availability by:
•    Installing the ‘life data’ client on a machine with Solution Line control
•    Connecting to the company IT and registering, testing and solving connection problems at the ‘life data’ server
•    Operating and configuring the ‘life data’ portal and carrying out activity-related configurations
•    Performing a remote access
•    Executing and evaluating axis tests 
•    Configuring control monitors and establishing maintenance plans


Information technology or network management personnel, service and maintenance personnel, service managers


• Knowledge of the local area network and Internet access

• Knowledge of the design, function, and operation of an SW machine

• Experience with the Siemens Solution Line control

• Availability of a machine operator (required only for on-site courses)


•    Basics of the ‘life data’ software
•    Installation of the ‘life data’ client software
•    Setting machine-specific data
•    Configuration of an SW machine to communicate on a network
•    Setting up and modifying user access
•    Performing network configuration
•    Troubleshooting connection issues
•    Navigating the ‘life data’ client software
•    Operation of the software
•    Read and interpret machine information
•    Perform remote access
•    Perform various axis tests
•    Analyze the axis test and initiate necessary corrective actions if needed
•    Establish maintenance plans according to operating instructions


4 days

Max. Participants