Machine / Retrofitting

Always on eye level

We upgrade options, install software and hardware updates and undertake annual maintenance through to complete machine over- hauls to improve the performance capability of your SW system.

Your requirements can change over time, as well as the “state of the art”. We adapt your machine to make it more productive.

Machine Options

Your machine will be adapted to your current needs. You can choose from the catalog of options to extend the functional scope of the machine. SW determines the individual need, checks feasibility and implements the upgrade in consultation with you. 


  • Extension of the system‘s functional scope
  • Increased performance and optimization of the machine
  • Original parts are used SW warranty
Software Upgrade

Your machine‘s software is upgraded to the latest release and the current status of the system is also checked. This makes your system more efficient and increases your range of possible applications.


  • Improving functionality
  • Simplifies operability
  • Makes your system more maintenance-friendly

We perform maintenance on your system or machine components and replace predefined wear parts.


  • Avoid consequential damage
  • Reduce unplanned machine downtimes
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Traceable maintenance history
  • Implementation of legal requirements

Your system will undergo a review based on a checklist. All machine components are checked: Visual Inspection, Functional check, Geometry, Data backup.


  • Predictable maintenance and operating costs
  • Avoid consequential damage
  • Reduce unplanned machine downtimes
  • Documentation of inspection results
  • Maximum machine availability
  • Verification of legal requirements
Overhauling / retrofits

Your system will be completely overhauled based on individual diagnostics and an offer based on the diagnostics. Worn parts and assemblies will be removed and replaced at the same time. After the machine is at the current state-of-the-art again, it will be adjusted according to a protocol and will undergo a functionality check.


  • Restoration of full system performance and accuracy
  • Preserves the value of the machine
  • Original replacement parts are used
  • SW warranty