Machining center / BA space3

Machining of large structural parts

The BA space3 was built with the EV market in mind. With an impressive working range of 3,000 x 1,800 x 875 mm on the X-, Y- and Z-axes, it can easily accommodate large, light metal structural components. The machine is available in two base variants – a 5-axis machining center with a two-axis swivel head, or a three-axis version with rigid spindle (HSK 63). The 2-axis swivel head variant enables machining from all angles while the rigid spindle version allows for straightforward correction in all axes for high flexibility and quality. The tool magazine for the BA space3 is a chain design with 40 pockets, which can be optionally expanded to 80. The maximum tool length is 450 mm. There are linear drives in all feed axes, meaning that not only can the BA Space3 machine large workpieces, but it does so quickly. Machining with the BA space3 is characterized by its highly dynamic HSK-63 work spindle. This makes for highly accurate single-spindle processing, even on the largest of workpieces.

The user experience of the BA space3 is as innovative as the machine itself. The C|one Control Panel is a multi-touch display that introduces Industry 4.0 seamlessly into your production line. SW Core software comes integrated and access is authorized via microchip. With the IO Link, you can monitor performance data with central data in the PLC. In addition to its Industry 4.0 features, the C|one control panel makes for a simply more intuitive user-experience.

The EV industry has never been more promising and the BA space3 is more than ready to meet its demands. Are you?

Name BA space3 | Rigid spindle BA space3 | 2-axis swivel head
Spindles 1 1
Spindle distance - -
Speed range 1 - 17 500 min-1 1 - 20 000 min-1
Power / torque 35 kW / 80 Nm 34 kW / 40 Nm
HSK interface Work spindle HSK-A63 Work spindle HSK-A63
X-dimension (mm) 3000 3000
Y-dimension (mm) 1800 1800
Z-dimension (mm) 875 875


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