Machining center / BA W02

For machining of workpieces made of non-magnetic raw material as Aluminium / Titan Alloying.

Precision and maximum dynamics for economical freeform surface machining are the special domain of the new BA W02. The machining center is setting new standards in 5-axis machining with linear and torque motors. Even highly complex workpieces can be manufactured at extremly high speed on just 4 square meters of installation surface - ideal for precision engineering.

Wearfree direct drives ensure the lowest possible total cost of ownership. The sophisticated design allows for chip-to-chip times of less than 2 seconds. That's why the BA W02 stands for pure productivity with maximum availability and the lowest space requirement.

Name BA W02-22
Spindles 2
Spindle distance 250
Speed range 1 - 40 000 rpm
Power / torque 2 x 18 kW / 17 Nm (40% ED)
HSK interface Work spindle HSK-A40
X-dimension (mm) 200
Y-dimension (mm) 350
Z-dimension (mm) 300


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