Machining center / BX 621

For machining of workpieces made of Steel, Cast Iron or light metals.

Robust, cost-effective and innovative: 
the twin-spindle, single-table BX 621, featuring the patented mono-wall design. Specially developed for this machining center, the mono-wall provides closed power transmission and optimum rigidity during machining. Another new feature is the split feed axes: the tools travel in the Y- and Z-directions while the workpieces travel in the X-direction. The X-axis, with integrated rotary axes, carries the clamping fixture.

Ball screws in the linear axes and a torque motor in the rotary axis; completely unhindered chip flow due to horizontally arranged spindles; translation of the worktable along the X-axis – the BX 621 was designed for large steel, cast iron, and light metal workpieces. The HSK 100 work spindles with spindle distance of 600 mm make it an ultra-modern machining center that is unique to SW.

Name BX 621
Spindles 2
Spindle distance 600
Speed range 1 - 6 000 rpm
Power / torque 2 x 26 kW / 2 x 250 Nm (25% ED)
HSK interface Work spindle HSK-A100
X-dimension (mm) 600
Y-dimension (mm) 525
Z-dimension (mm) 400


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