Complete production lines from a single source

The system for success

Manufacturing the required number of units at defined costs and extremely high quality standards while documenting every machining step: The complexity of manufacturing lines has grown at an exceptional rate in recent years. That is unless you have a partner who has been project planning turnkey manufacturing lines of just that type for many years, takes on the project management and hands you your system ready to go.

SW has nearly 20 years of experience in practical implementation of complete manufacturing lines including plant engineering and robots. We also take responsibility for horizontal and vertical networking, to ensure that all workpieces and process steps are traceable.  

7-Axis Robot Portal

Modularly structured automation standardizes individual tasks.

Tailor-made – Yes! Reinventing the wheel each time – No! SW has an extensive range of hardware and software modules that meet a wide range of different requirements very flexibly with standardized elements. You do not have to concern yourself with interfaces or special designs. We provide you with a complete solution that links together all machining and non-machining process steps with each other optimally. What does automated loading and unloading consist of? It is fast, precise and above all not in the way. Because of this our 7-axis robot is positioned above our machining centers. Thus the machines are freely accessible from all sides.

The operators have a free view of the working areas and maintenance engineers have direct access to all machine components. 7-axis robots from SW Automation communicate directly with the machine control system and higher-level systems. They consist of standard components and SW Automation produces them in large unit numbers. As standard modules they are reliable, feature mature functionality and are available on short notice. 

Loading module with integrated automation

Plug & Play solution from SW

With the integrated loading module SW machining centers achieve even higher productivity, even in unsupervised shifts. An example of the BA W02-22 machining center for manufacturing impellers: In the integrated loading module a 6-axis robot is responsible for loading and unloading in parallel to machining time from a vertical pallet storage system for blanks and finished parts.

Memory holds up to 1152 parts, which corresponds to an unsupervised runtime of 9.6 hours at a cycle time of one minute. The plug and play solution connects seamlessly to SW machining centers and also connects additional technologies such as reclamping, labeling and scanning. 
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Assembly systems

Washing, deburring, mounting, checking for tightness: There are a large number of auxiliary tasks when machining components that must also be automated and connected for data exchange.

SW Automation has the experience needed to perfectly coordinate all stations in a production line with each other while ensuring maximum transparency in the data flow. That gives you time to concentrate on your day-to-day business.  

Manufacturing solutions from a single source

SW System Solutions

The synthesis of the best machining centers in the world with modularly structured automation for all process steps: From blank to finished component we implement lean solutions from a single source for you consistently.