Technology redefined

60 % less cycle time per workpiece

In series production of metal components, every tenth of a second in the cycle time matters and every micrometer of accuracy is important. That is exactly what we offer with production solutions from SW. Machining with horizontal working spindles ensures that chips fall downward optimally with unobstructed visibility of the working area. The patented monoblock ensures optimum flow of force between the machining unit and workpiece carrier. That improves process reliability with higher dynamics and precision. 

An innovative new operator terminal improves ergonomics and makes use of user experience for intuitively correct operation of our machine tools. With multi-spindle machining of up to four workpieces at the same time, loading and unloading in parallel to machining time and maximum dynamics in all movements, SW is continually setting new standards for peak productivity – from first chip to complete component. 

Up to 50% / less energy costs


Greater energy efficiency in machining processes

Only a very few companies record how much electricity a machine consumes or for which process. Yet energy consumption is a significant cost driver in production. More energy-efficient machining centers lower electricity costs and represent an important contribution to climate protection.

SW has been pursuing both these goals for years and we offer measurable increases in efficiency: Four-spindle machining centers from SW consume only about half as much energy as four one-spindle machines – with higher output to boot. This is because four-spindle machines shrink the cycle time per workpiece by almost two thirds. Get more done with less energy. 

4 x Productivity


More production capacity in less installation area

Your Comptroller is not the only one who should be interested in this:

The installation area required by a machine costs money every day. Even more importantly, the available area appears to limit capacity to a fixed level in today's workshops. Not with multi-spindle machines from SW.

Compared with one-spindle machines, four-spindle machines can make do with only one third the installation area. Increasing output fourfold in a given area – turning space into money with SW.

Highspeed is linear

Linear motor or low-wear ball screw drive

High dynamics for reduced auxiliary process times

Every tenth of a second a tool is not working on the component is waste. SW has therefore declared war against these unproductive auxiliary process times. The most effective means of waging this war are high dynamics in all movements from and to the workpiece and during tool changes. 

Depending on the size of the machine and what it is used for, linear motors or low-wear ball screw spindles are used to accelerate the axes at up to 20m/s². In this way we achieve a chip-to-chip time of less than 3 seconds – simultaneously with all four of our machining axes in our multi-spindle machines.