SW Machine Operation

BE-1 SW Machine Operation


The objective of this course is to understand and learn the safe handling of the SW machine control. The participants learn how to prepare and start the production process as well as how to identify and solve basic failures. The course utilizes simple maintenance tasks and procedures.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant should be capable to safely operate the machine in accordance to the intended use of the SW machine by:

  • Operating the SW machine correctly with the operator panel
  • Performing basic settings at the operator panel
  • Recognizing error indications and acting upon them
Grupo de destino

Machine operators and maintenance personnel


Prerequisites Basic knowledge of CNC machine tools is beneficial but not mandatory

  • General safety and accident prevention information
  • Introduction to the basic design of the SW machine
  • Basic machine assemblies and controls
  • Machine operation and control
  • Loading and unloading of tools in the tool magazine
  • Restart of the production program after a work stoppage

2 days

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