Service & Maintenance for SW Machines

IH-MS Motor Spindle Repair and Replacement


The objectives of this course are to enable the participants to identify the cause of a motor spindle malfunction and to take the necessary steps for repair. After a discussion of the mechanical and electrical design of the motor spindle, the participants learn about its operation and the required maintenance tasks. In addition, the participants perform the replacement of a motor spindle at a training machine. This includes the execution of required measurements and the backup of relevant data.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to improve the availability of the SW machine by:

Localizing motor spindle failures,

Eliminating basic motor spindle failures,

Replace a motor spindle in a technically correct manner*.

*If a motor spindle needs to be replaced by a participant of this course for the first time, months after the completion of this course, we recommend calling for an SW service technician. The SW service technician will supervise the procedure and coach the course participant in order to ensure a safe and successful execution.

Grupo de destino

Maintenance and repair technicians


• Qualification as an industrial mechanic, industrial electronics technician, mechatronic technician, or a related qualification

• Basic knowledge of CNC machine tools


General safety and accident prevention information

Design and operation of motor spindles in SW machines

Motor spindle assembly

Repair, replacement and restart of a motor spindle

Geometry measurement and adjustments

Motor spindle diagnosis

Spare parts and special tools

Data backup and recovery


4 days

Máx. Participantes



All machines

02 - 05-03-2020
15 - 18-06-2020
07 - 10-09-2020
23 - 26-11-2020

23 - 26-03-2020
22 - 25-06-2020
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