Service & Maintenance for SW Machines

IH-W Preventive Maintenance for SW Machines


The objectives of this course are to know the required maintenance tasks for an SW machine and to gain the skills to perform the related tasks correctly. The participants learn about the basic design of an SW machine and its major assembly groups. All related maintenance tasks according to the maintenance schedule are discussed and taught. The course is completed by an introduction to the required machine maintenance operations.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to ensure the availability of the SW machine by:

Executing the maintenance tasks according to the official maintenance plan

Grupo de destino

Maintenance technicians and personnel


Successful participation in the course „BE-1 SW Machine Operation“ or basic knowledge in mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics and machine controls


General safety and accident prevention information

Basic design of the SW machine

Basic machine and control operations required for maintenance

Understanding the maintenance schedule

Performance of maintenance tasks according to the schedule

Remote online services


3 days

Máx. Participantes




21 - 24-02-2022
13 - 15-06-2022
15 - 18-08-2022
02 - 04-11-2022

11 - 14-04-2022
07 - 10-06-2022
29-08 - 01-09-2022
05 - 08-12-2022