Programming for SW Machines

PR-3 5-Axis Machining with SW Machines


The objective of this course is to deepen the understanding of the SW machine control regarding the programming of a fifth machine axis. After a discussion of advanced aspects of the SW control with Siemens Solution Line controls, a focus will be on the program functions and processes to address a fifth machine axis. The course is completed by hands-on exercises at a training machine.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to reduce the processing time of the SW machine for parts with complex surface geometry and to further increase the processing precision by:

  • Utilizing an installed fifth axis for processing
  • Modifying a parts program or writing a new one
  • Transferring the modified or new parts program into the SW machine control
  • Ensuring the correct function by testing
  • Initializing the correct restart of production
Grupo de destino

CNC programmers


• Successful participation in the course:

“PR-2 Advanced Programming for SW Machines”


• Successful participation in the course:

“PR-1 – Basics of CNC Programming for SW Machines”

plus additional programming experience

  • General safety and accident prevention information
  • Programming of a 5-axis operation for SW machines
  • Calibration of measuring probes
  • Machine measurements and analysis
  • Simultaneous machining

3 days

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Available on request