Independent cell

Supply of workpieces for an entire shift

Independent manufacturing cells from SW store the supply of workpieces for an entire shift. They consist of series BA W02 or BA 3 machines and our loading module with integrated 6-axis robot as well as vertical workpiece storage. As a plug & play solution, the independent cell is designed to be ready for operation. 


Independent cell with SW loading module: BA 322i / BA W02i

Machines series BA 3 / BA W02
Material flow crosswise
Solution over corner free access at the corner
Robot Strong 7-kg-robot for multi gripper solutions
Hanging robot

With its double swivel carrier, it also allows for the usual loading and unloading in parallel to machining time. The loading module has free access to the machine for fast setup. The vertical workpiece storage is set off to the side and is trimmed to require minimal space. It can also be loaded and unloaded ergonomically on a long-term basis with no changes.

Vertical pallet changer for raw and finished parts