Machining center / BM 1250

For machining of workpieces made of Aluminium, Cast Iron or Steel.

Why use a rotary dial machine when you can have multiple spindle heads mounted in a monobloc? In the BM 1250, the fixtures holding the parts travel to the tools as with a pick-up machine. This makes it possible to perform certain operations which cannot be done feasibly or economically on other MCs. Whether you are using large milling cutters, multi-spindle drill heads, or you require a unique configuration, the 'tool wall' provides ample space for specialized tools and applications.

The base machine is in essence standard, however the configuration of the heads and fixtures is specialized. Accessibility to the working area  and all other subassemblies and components is optimal, especially when compared with rotary dial machines. Located within the monobloc, the drill heads are positioned perpendicularly to the work pieces. Machining engine bed-plates? Come and talk to us.

Name BM 1250
Spindles 8
Spindle distance 500
Speed range on request
Power / torque on request
HSK interface on request
X-dimension (mm) 675
Y-dimension (mm) 1250
Z-dimension (mm) 500


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