be progressive / Automation with loading module

SW independent manufacturing cells store the supply of workpieces for an entire shift

SW developed an integrated loading module for its machining centers that can be docked with the basic machine. This is a plug & play solution designed custo-mer-specifically for the machine, robot and workpiece storage as a crane hook solution.  Additional techno-logies such as reclamping, labeling and scanning, etc. can also be integrated.

High storage capacity with low space requirement:
The loading module is structured so that it can be inte-grated without problems, even with difficult site-spe-cific preconditions. The module is therefore available in a version that is especially suitable for cramped con-ditions, designed especially as a corner solution with transverse material flow. Since the robot is mounted on the ceiling and can also be flexibly configured for specific projects, there is more freedom of movement and space for other technologies.

Automation with the 7-axis robot portal

An automation solution with free accessibility and safety without protective fences

Do you need to reduce unit costs and achieve a high rate of repeat accuracy while simultaneously reducing staffing levels? Then automate your production with the 7-axis robot portal axis, perfectly matched to your SW machine! 

Redefining automation. Less space required, no protective fences around the machine and therefore maximum accessible while still ensuring the highest level of safety – these are just a few features of our system solutions.