The new BA W08 / True greatness comes from within.

Single-table machines with adapted working areas for particularly large workpieces

Benefit from more space and thus more flexibility when machining workpieces made of non-magnetic materials such as aluminum or titanium alloys. SW’s new single-table machines complement their existing product portfolio and offer everything you need for machining large workpieces. The new additions include two single-spindle machines, the BA W08-11 and -11 space, as well as the twin-spindle sister model, the BA W08-21.


Your greatest advantage: the newly designed working area that accommodates large workpieces. The new machines are especially suitable for the automotive industry and the machining of battery housings in the EV industry. Other ideal areas of application are the trucking, agricultural, construction, and aerospace industries.

Technical highlights

Larger working area

  • Flexibility in the machining of large workpieces
  • The working area of the single-spindle BA W08-11 and twin-spindle BA W08-21 is 1,500 mm (X), 1,025 mm (Y) and 660 mm (Z). The interference zone on the A-axis is 1,650 mm x 1,830 mm

High dynamics

  • The gantry drive on the Y-axis and the independent Z- and X-axes minimize possible non-productive times. They also allow for high dynamics in all movements to and from the workpiece, as well as during tool changes
  • Linear drives in the axes enable a chip-to-chip time of less than 3 seconds

Robust monoblock construction

  • The spindle machining units are designed with the box-in-box principle and integrated in a stable monoblock
  • Ensures stability and thus precision in the machining of workpieces

The perfect solution for big challenges.

Space version

A space version is also available for the BA W08-11, which offers more flexibility for large workpieces. Features include a larger interference zone of 1,850 mm x 1,980 mm on the A-axis.

Large workpieces

Use the flexible working area of the new BA W08 for large workpieces (battery housings for EVs, subframes, gearbox housings, turbine blades, steering knuckles, etc.). The single-table machines offer sufficient working space for efficient and precise machining of large structural aluminum components, including those used in new electric and hybrid vehicles that require less weight and greater range.


Extensive automation capability

You can operate the new BA W08 with different types of robots (including SW’s TopRob, FloorRob or gantry robots) on platforms mounted above the machine.

Double grippers make it possible to quickly exchange finished and raw parts in just one step.

Take a glimpse into the (magnetic) future!

Benefit from the new single-table machines of the BA 7 series.

Your manufacturing and space miracle for a wide variety of requirements:

Thanks to the ball screw used, the BA 7 series is ideally suited for machining large-volume components made of magnetic materials such as cast iron, cast steel or steel - for example engine blocks for the automotive industry.

In the space version, you have a longer Y-travel distance of 1175 mm, which further expands your production possibilities.


The new machines have the proven properties of the successful single-table machines from SW - for example:

- Monoblock for optimal stability and precision
- Flexibility for large components
- Cost-efficient design (saving of workpiece carriers, devices and process costs)
- Drill breakage control

and many more.

Manufacture of large, magnetic components.

The new BA 7 machining centers from SW are used wherever maximum precision and quality are required - for example in the automotive industry when it comes to the production of engine and cylinder blocks.

Other particularly profitable sectors include trucks, aerospace, rail transport as well as agricultural and construction machinery for components such as steering knuckles, blades or housings.