Service & Maintenance for SW Machines

IH-UK Lateral Entry Course Maintenance


The objective of this course is to update the participants on the knowledge and skills required to maintain a new SW machine after changing from another machine or control type within the family of SW machines. This could be useful after adding a machine with linear drives to existing ball screw drive machines. This course is designed for participants that are familiar with SW machines and have completed an SW maintenance course in the past. After discussing the mechanical and electrical differences of the new machine, the participants learn about new functions and required maintenance tasks. The course is completed by performing the basic maintenance tasks that are different from the former machines.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to improve the availability of the SW machine by:

  • Executing the maintenance tasks according to the official maintenance plan
  • Running advanced failure diagnosis procedures
  • Successfully executing basic repair tasks
  • Cooperating efficiently with the SW hotline support

Maintenance and repair technicians with a solid knowledge of the maintenance of SW machines


Successful participation in the courses

• IH-W Maintenance for SW Machines

• IH-1 Basics of Troubleshooting and Repair for SW Machines

or a comparable SW training course.

  • General safety and accident prevention information
  • Basic design and setup of the new SW machine
  • Basic operation of the new SW machine and control
  • Performance of maintenance tasks according to the maintenance schedule
  • Basic maintenance and repair tasks for various assemblies of the new SW machine
  • Remote maintenance and diagnostics with the SW Online System

2 days

Max. Participants



All machines

Available on request

Available on request