PR-3 5-Axis Machining with SW Machines


The objective of this training is to deepen the handling of the SW machine control regarding the 5-axis simultaneous machining. After expanding the knowledge of the control of the machine, special attention will be given to program functions and measurements which are necessary if 5-axis machining is to be carried out on a SW machine. The acquired knowledge will be deepened by practical exercises on a training machine.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to reduce the processing time of the SW machine for workpieces with complex surface geometry and further to improve the precision of 5-axis machining by

• Modifying or recreating an appropriate CNC program and installing it on the SW machine,

• Ensuring the faultless functioning of the program through tests and initiating the modified production sequence.


CNC programmers


• Successful participation in the course “PR-2 Advanced CNC Programming of SW Machines” or

• Successful participation in the course “PR-1 Basic CNC Programming of SW Machines” with additional programming experience


• Safety and accident prevention

• Programming of 5-axis machining on SW machines

• Simultaneous machining


3 days

Max. Participants



All Machines

Available on request

Available on request