Machining center / BA 2

For machining of workpieces made of Cast Iron, Steel or Aluminium.

Machining small workpieces with two spindles 
The two-spindle BA 222 machining center with working area dimensions of 200 x 350 x 300 mm per spindle is setting new standards for 4 and 5-axis machining. On just 4 square meters of installation surface you can produce small steel, cast iron and light metal workpieces at extremely high speeds. With a conventional ball screw drive, the BA 222 is the counterpart of the BA W02-22 linear motor machine. It is also ideally suited for a highly diverse range of applications in precision engineering, such as watchmaking, the automotive industry and medical technology.

Guaranteed stability of processes
The patented SW monoblock as the bearing machine bed forms the basis for stability and accuracy. The high system rigidity of the machining unit due to the box-in-open-box-design as well as the direct absolute travel measuring system in all axes ensure stable processes. Thus the BA 222 also promises positioning accuracy with a guaranteed deviation of less than 0.006 mm, even at maximum machining speeds. A Kv factor of 5 and a jerk of 500 m/s³ make the BA 222 especially suitable for high-precision movements.

Name BA 222
Spindles 2
Spindle distance 200
Speed range 1 - 25000 rpm
Power / torque 2 x 14 kW / 7 Nm (40% ED)
HSK interface Work spindle HSK-A40 / E40
X-dimension (mm) 200
Y-dimension (mm) 350
Z-dimension (mm) 300


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