Certified quality / from SW.

Our claim to be a top supplier.

Quality is not a static product, it is the reliably repeated result of an attitude. As Technology People we are not satisfied until quality is right: In all process steps, in all products and services. 

We avoid damage to the environment wherever it could occur, throughout the company with suitable processes and used materials. Whenever that is not possible to a full extent, we continuously reduce emissions, waste volume, noise, and consumption of energy and resources. We are happy to receive or provide information:  
Timo Bross | Tel. +49 7402 74-7228 | timo.brosssw-machines.com


Quality management
Our quality management system documents the attitude of Technology People. Above all we imbue these rules and processes with life, as attested again and again by certifications and recertifications from independent auditors: ISO 9001 / VDA 6.4 

Environmental management
We test and evaluate the effects of our processes and products on the environment and optimize them continuously, taking into consideration financial adequacy. To ensure compliance with environmental regulations and laws in all departments of the company at all times, we have introduced a comprehensive environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 – and we live it daily.



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