Focus on sectors

SW machining centers, automation and system solutions in various sectors

SW machining centers and automation and system solutions are used wherever maximum accuracy and productivity are in demand. In addition to numerous applications in the automotive industry, our production solutions have proven themselves in the agricultural and construction machinery sectors and also in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. In the coming years we will also be engaged in multi-spindle machining of high-precision workpieces for medical and precision technology.


Traceability in series production

Steering knuckles, impellers, engine blocks or battery housings: Components that were produced on SW machining centers are used in nearly every vehicle in the world. The spectrum ranges from steel and castings for safety-relevant components in the chassis to large-format gearbox covers, turbocharger housings and master brake cylinders made of aluminum and titanium. Using our multi-spindle machining centers and automation systems coordinated with them, manufacturers can quickly ramp up quantities

SW machines cover the range for machining components with dimensions up to 1500 x 900 x 650mm in finely graduated steps. Parallel machining with up to four spindles ensures maximum productivity. Especially important for the automotive industry: SW machines document every process step down to the NC block level. This ensures that all components and their manufacturing steps are traceable.

Medical technology

Maximum precision for our health

Extending life, preserving quality of life: Modern medical technology is able to achieve this in part through precise operating instruments manufactured on SW machines, components for endoscopic diagnostic devices, or plastic and metal implants of all kinds. The implants – whether bone screws, knee and hip joints or bone plates milled from solid metal – always meet the strict requirements of the industry. Medical technology also requires a combination of top precision and productivity. A further requirement is a high level of flexibility for machining many different light metals and alloys. The same can be said for the precision engineering required to manufacture high-quality components for watchmaking and other applications.


Manufacturing large structural components efficiently

Developing fast, highly productive solutions for new component classes and making them available: this is also important for SW. In new vehicle concepts related to electric and hybrid mobility, auto manufacturers are relying on large-format structural components made of aluminum – less weight extends the range. However, machining is more complex than could be assumed. But that makes it exactly the kind of challenge that we as Technology People love and can reliably solve.

SW has adapted the BA W08-12 precisely for this application. The machine can receive large structural components with a machining length of up to 1500 mm, also with voluminous geometries. With linear motors it achieves first-class acceleration rates (2G/120m/min) and high-speed machining. The most important point: it combines productivity with process reliability.

Agriculture and Constructions Machines

Save Energy, Space, Manpower and Cost

Powerful, strong and precise: Features that are vital to our customers, especially in the agriculture and construction machinery industries. For example: component manufacturers within the Powertrain, hydraulics and earth moving business have to meet these requirements just as we machine builders do. SW has the most productive solutions for the heavy-duty machining of steel, cast and forged parts.

Scaled single- and multi-spindle machines with working areas of 1,500 x 900 x 650 mm ensure maximum precision with low cost per part. Increasingly Important: with SW you can trace every part and its machining process though mapping in your MES or ERP. This is how you achieve complete transparency and can verify that your standards are being met at any given moment. Please get in touch with us and we will find the right machine for you.