Independent cell

Supply of workpieces for an entire shift / Lights out machining

Independent manufacturing cells from SW can store enough workpieces for an entire shift. The series of BA W02 or BA 3 machines as well as our loading module with integrated 6-axis robot and vertical workpiece storage. As a plug-and-play solution, the independent cell is designed for maximum availability. 

Independent cell with SW loading module: BA 322i / BA W02i

Machines series BA 3 / BA W02
Material flow diagonal
Corner solution free corner access
Robot strong 7-kg-robot for multi gripper solutions
hanging robot

SW’s double swivel carrier enables  loading and unloading in parallel to machining time. The loading module is freely accessible for fast setup. The vertical workpiece storage is conveniently located to the side and has been trimmed down to require minimal space. It can also be loaded and unloaded ergonomically on a long-term basis without adjustment.

Vertical pallet changer for raw and finished parts

  • Loading and unloading of the pallets in ergonomic height which is always the same
  • Good possibility for placing parts with insertion support
  • Drive with a low wear ball screw drive 
  • Lift cage as freely programmable axis for positioning
  • High storage capacity with low space requirement. 
    Example: A pallet has space for 48 passenger car compactor impellers. This is equivalent to a storage capacity of 1152 raw- or finished parts. With a cycle time of 1 minute per part this is equivalent to a runtime of 9.6 hours. That is equivalent to a 64 m belt conveyor
  • Request for unloading: Pallet with finished parts are delivered in order
  • Request for loading: Free positions of raw part pallets are provided
  • No manipulation through the worker (>fifo
  • Pallets with identification
  • Raw parts is chosen depending on NC-program
  • Visual inspection with a camera