In September 2021, we will start our second year of the Apprenticeship Program at the Michigan Headquarters. Currently we are searching for 2 motivated students who are interested in Mechatronics. The Apprenticeship Program is based on the German Model and is supported by the MAT2 Program. For students who haven’t yet decided, we are offering facility tours and internships in advance.

At SW, everyone takes responsibility and pride in our successful programs. Those who start a career at SW North America tend to stay with our team long-term because we offer more than just a job. ‘Technology People’ are bound by a shared sense of being among the best and working together on a common endeavor.

Reach out to us today and take the first step into a career with a lot of opportunities!  


What you should know:

It requires 3 years of training to become a Mechatronics Technician. You will study at Henry Ford College and have hands-on training on our shop floor in New Hudson, Michigan. After the 3 year program, we ask that you stay with us for a minimum of 2 years. You will improve your knowledge from the first year of training via training assignments in various specialist departments. 


Global Student Exchange Program:

We believe that building a team doesn't stop in one department or country. We build a global team - a family. That's why you will get the chance during your 3 year apprenticeship, to go to our headquartes in Germany. You will get to know the culture, the company, the people and gain even more technical knowledge . While rotating though different departments during the week, weekly adventures are scheduled for you and your peers. In exchange, SW North America will welcome 4-5 German Apprentices every year for a 4-6 week period. This gives the German Apprentices a chance to improve their English, Experience the American culture, and get to know YOU!


Become part of our global team! Be pro. be SW. 

You want to schedule a tour of our facility with the apprentice trainer? You want to apply for the program? 
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