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Systems for quality and sustainability

Quality is not a static element, but the reliably repeated result of an attitude. As Technology People, we are only satisfied when the quality is right: in all process steps, and for all products and services

Throughout the company, we avoid environmental damage wherever we can through suitable procedures and materials. And where this is not entirely possible, we continuously endeavor to reduce emissions, waste, noise and the consumption of energy and resources. We’re happy to receive suggestions and provide information: 
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Quality management
Our quality management system documents the mindset of the Technology People. Above all, we bring life into these rules and methods, as attested by the steady flow of certifications and re-certifications by independent auditors: ISO 9001/ VDA 6.4

Environmental management
We assess and evaluate the effects of our operational processes and products on the environment, and continuously take all the economically reasonable efforts to optimize them. To ensure compliance with the environmental regulations and laws at all times and in all areas of the company, we have instituted an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 – and this guides our actions on a daily basis. 
ISO 14001 



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