Be Proactive / SW life Services

With life, you will be connected to the makers of your SW machine in a completely new way, from start to finish. To the engineers, technicians and service staff who developed, tested and put your system into operation. We, the Technology People, will support you with the six building blocks throughout the entire service 'life' of your system – anytime, anywhere. life. We are there for you. For the lifetime of the machine.

Just like any functioning organism, all 'life' components interact intelligently with each other. Whether for a single SW machine, a fully automated system or a complete production lines: we support you individually, and take care of everything you need to ensure efficient production over the long term.

Know more.
Produce better.

Your employees should be able to optimally operate, program and maintain SW machines from the very outset.

Getting it right
from day one

Our Technology People help to ensure a fast and smooth production start.

Recording, analyzing and optimizing

By connecting us to your machine, we can together collect valuable information every day – securely and transparently.

Always there for

If an SW machine ever breaks down in spite of preventive maintenance, we are always there for you.

Parts. Available worldwide.

Original parts, pre-assembled modules and replacement parts, as well as an comprehensive repair service for customer parts such as spindles and rotary tables.

Always up to speed

We give your machines a second and third life through hardware and software upgrades and complete overhauls.