Service & Maintenance for SW Machines

IH-2 Advanced Troubleshooting and Repair for SW Machines


The objectives of this course are to deepen the knowledge of the assembly groups and measuring systems of a SW machine. This will help to improve the skills to execute advanced troubleshooting and repair tasks correctly. After reviewing knowledge of the machine design and the operational tasks required for troubleshooting and repair, the participants learn advanced repair tasks for all of the relevant assembly groups. These include the replacement and overhaul of relevant components as well as the measuring and resetting of the machine geometry.


After the successful completion of this course, the participant is able to improve the availability of the SW machine by:

Performing failure diagnosis procedures

Successfully executing basic repair tasks

Cooperating efficiently with the SW hotline support


Repair technicians


Successful participation in the course

„IH-1 Basics of Troubleshooting and Repair for SW Machines “


General safety and accident prevention information

Basic machine and control operations required for repair

Review of knowledge and skills from the course
"IH-1 - Basics of Troubleshooting and Repair for SW Machines"

Replacement and repair of relevant machine components

Measurement and resetting of the machine geometry

Remote maintenance and diagnostics with the SW Online System


4 days

Max. Participants



All series

Available on request 

Available on request