Data creates value

Systematic data analysis improves processes and reduces unit costs

The data-based consulting services from SW help you identify future developments at an early stage, and to introduce data-based process enhancements. With the aid of systematic data analysis, you can improve your processes and lower unit costs. Increase the transparency of your production and maintenance processes in order to improve your availability and productivity.

Through our online services, we continuously record and analyze the operating states of your machines. We turn data into information that can help you continuously improve your production processes. These analyses also indicate factors such as wear before they result in unscheduled downtime. Turn your data into information, to improve your business performance.

'life data' gives you the possibility to:

  • Plan your own downtime
  • Avoid unplaned extra shifts
  • Procure spare parts predictively for timely receipt
  • Avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain and unplanned changes in production,
  • logistics and maintenance


Recording, analyzing and optimizing


Support: Support for your machine data and error analysis from SW specialists 

Report: Clearly presented data regarding the machine status and performance

Portal: Powerful configuration environment for individual status monitoring and process optimization



  • Increased transparency in your production and maintenance processes
  • Increased productivity and machine availability
  • Fast and efficient help with error diagnosis and correction
  • Clear visualization of important production and maintenance indicators

Consulting services from SW on the topics of digitalization and Industry 4.0 can help you optimize your production and maintenance processes.


  • Kick-off
  • Analysis of processes and preparation of a decision template
  • Successful implementation of pilot projects
  • Support with roll-out


  • Benefit from more than ten years of SW experience in the field of digitization
Material flow simulation

Material flow simulation is used for the simultaneous and realistic mapping of the dynamics and complexity in production processes. On the basis of scenarios, risks in the production process can be detected at an early stage and the optimal production process can be found.


  • Production process and material flow
  • Consultation model of the digital factory for various simulation scenarios


  • Planning and design dependability for existing and new systems
  • Increased transparency with regard to optimization potential
  • Cost reductions through optimized automation
Energy monitoring*

Monitoring of energy data, such as the consumption of compressed air and electricity 


  • Visualization on the control panel
  • Energy history in the online system and reporting


  • Transparency regarding the energy consumption of your machine
  • Can be combined with SW energy management
  • Automatic  notification in case of excessive consumption of compressed


*Additional sensor system required.

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