Service-Hotline / 24/7 / Always there for you

Fast and professional

If an SW machine ever breaks down in spite of preventive maintenance, we are always there for you. Using a remote connection, our Hotline experts can analyze the status of your machine and find the causes for any malfunctions. In the case of more complex challenges, our on-site technicians will get your machine up and running again – quickly and professionally. Machine breakdowns are always an emergency and become more costly by the minute. That is why we are at your service worldwide at all times. Contact our Service Hotline. 

Our experienced team of service specialists will either assist you via remote access to the machine that you have authorized or guide you through the diagnosis on the phone. You will be able to therefore determine the cause of your malfunction and initiate countermeasures in the shortest possible time. In the case of complex challenges, you will be assisted by our international network of exceptionally well-trained service teams. They will analyze your problems at your location and restore the availability of your system.

Service Hotline | +1 248 617 3898

Our Service-Hotline is your point of contact for consultation, customer-specific quotations, problem analysis, identification of spare parts, troubleshooting and the planning and preparation of service visits.


  • Contact point for service queries and expert assistance in the case of errors
  • Fast first-aid in the case of system malfunctions
  • Direct contact with skilled person
  • Expert knowledge immediately available

Contact hours: 
Mon-Fri:  8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)

Customer service-Team

+1 248 617 3897

Fault analysis

If your system develops a fault, our service specialists will analyze the problem and work with you to find the best and fastest way to put your machine back in production as soon as possible. Where necessary, the deployment managers can draw on expert know-how from the development and the production departments.


  • Recording and technical processing of the malfunction
  • Concrete definition of the malfunction using the available Hotline tools
  • Fast help possible without the deployment of a technician
  • Remote access to the machine for fast fault analysis
  • Access to the latest troubleshooting measures
  • Skilled planning of service calls where necessary (technician & replacement parts)
Service on site

Our technicians analyze the system malfunction on-site and correct the fault. To ensure a fast response, our technicians are stationed where our customers are.


  • Direct contact person on-site
  • Skilled service technicians for the expert repair of the machine
  • Worldwide network
  • Short waiting times