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Free expert assistance with spare parts inquiries

Original parts, pre-assembled modules and replacement parts, as well as an comprehensive repair service for customer parts such as spindles and rotary tables. Through active inventory management, we can ensure worldwide availability of spare parts at any time.

Working together with you, we develop the right spare parts strategy for you – so that your SW machine stays productive at all times.

Spare Parts Hotline

Your point of contact for reliable assistance in an emergency.

Contact Hours:
Mo-Fr: 8:00 am  - 5:00 pm (EST)

Spare Parts Hotline
+1 248 617 3875



Customer benefits

  • Fast and expert assistance
  • SW assumes the selection risk for spare parts
  • Direct information about availability and prices


  • Identification of spare parts
  • Help with error diagnosis
  • Direct contact to technical departments for complex issues
Spare parts consultation

Worldwide, multilingual and free expert assistance with spare parts inquiries.


  • Customer and machine-specific 
  • Consultation regarding the stocking of spare parts
  • Compilation of customer-specific spare part and wear part packages
  • Clarification of special requests


  • Increased machine availability thanks to custom spare and wear parts packages held on-site
  • Sensible budget allocation


Spare parts sales

Provision of new parts and assemblies in SW quality.


  • Clarification of financial questions
  • Professional logistics
  • Just-in-time delivery guaranteed
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts for 10 years


  • Fast replacement of faulty parts
  • New parts in SW quality
  • SW warranty
  • Right of return
  • “One-stop shopping“ – everything from a single source


Replacement parts and repair service

Cost-effective alternative to new parts.


  • Professional repair service
  • Refurbishment of customer parts to SW quality


  • Alternative  to new parts, with functionally identical quality
  • Guaranteed availability of parts, even if they have been discontinued or there are delivery bottlenecks for new parts
  • Full SW warranty


Active inventory management

Demand-controlled, local stocking of spare parts.


  • Management of worldwide spare parts warehouses
  • Maintenance of reserve stocks at the part and module level


  • Regional availability to ensure short delivery times
  • Assemblies checked for functionality to ensure short replacement times