Measuring tools and special tools in the swtoolset.

All your tools standardized and ready for use with swtoolsets.

With swtoolsets, your operators and maintenance staff have the special tools and measuring tools they need for servicing and maintaining SW machines, all presented in a convenient case. There are different sets for the HSK63 and HSK 100 spindles.

Swtoolsets fit seamlessly into the 5S principles, replacing individual assortments with a standardized, application-oriented set of tools. That saves time in all your maintenance and service work.  

swtoolset HSK63 / HSK 40 / HSK 50 / HSK 80 / HSK100


  • 2 x cross-head plug gauge for adjusting the spindle position for HSK40 / HSK63 / HSK80 or HSK100

  • Plug gauge for HSK40 (150 mm length) / HSK50 (200 mm length) / HSK63, HSK80 or HSK100 (300 mm length)

  • Positioning rail for cross-head tools

  • Power-Check pull-in force measurement device

  • Power-Check tool adapter HSK40 / HSK50 / HSK63 / HSK80 or HSK100

  • Measuring device for determining the Tyfocor content

  • Assembly device for Röhm segment collets for HSK63 or HSK100

  • Socket clamp set for assembly of Röhm segment collets for HSK40 / HSK63 or HSK100

  • Torque wrench for bus cable connector

  • Dial gauge for setting the tool change position

  • Magnet holder for tool change position dial gauge

  • Pick tool for replacing the O-rings (e.g. in clamping unit)

  • 4 x specialized brush for lubricating the clamping units

  • 40 x Metaflux lubricating paste for clamping units (4 g bag)

  • Tool for changing the check valves in supports and clamping bridges

  • Taper cleaner HSK40 / HSK50 / HSK63 / HSK80 or HSK100

  • Removal tool for HSK63 clamping unit 

  • Assembly tool for OTT-Jakob segment collets HSK50 / HSK63 / HSK80 or HSK100

  • Tweezers for inserting clamping unit O-rings 

  • Folder containing handling information

swtoolset HSK100
  • 2 x cross-head plug gauge for setting the spindle position for HSK100

  • Plug gauge HSK100 (300 mm length) 

  • Assembly tool for Röhm segment collet HSK100

  • Socket clamp set for assembly of the Röhm segment collet HSK100

  • Taper cleaner HSK1002 cross gauges for adjusting the spindle postion

  • Assembly device for OTT-Jakob collet HSK100

  • Guide rods for changing the BA600-2 spindle motors

  • Crane hook for mounting BA600-2G spindles

  • Folder containing handling information