Machining center / BA one6

For machining workpieces made of non-magnetic materials such as aluminium / titanium alloys.

When it is a matter of the single-spindle pre- or post-machining of large light-metal workpieces, the BA one6 supplements your multi-spindle production line perfectly. This horizontal machining center with direct-drive technology and linear motors is at its most impressive when performing high precision machining tasks.

 Uniform operation, undivided project responsibility and one-stop servicing are the benefits achieved by linking your SW machining center together. 

Name BA one6 HSK-A80 BA one6 HSK-A63
Spindles 1 1
Spindle distance - 500
Speed range 1 - 12 500 rpm 1 - 17 500 rpm
Power / torque 42 kW / 200 Nm (10% ED) 35 kW / 80 Nm (40% ED)
HSK interface Spindle HSK-A80 Spindle HSK-A63
X-dimension (mm) 600 600
Y-dimension (mm) 650 650
Z-dimension (mm) 500 500


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