Machining center / BA one8

For machining workpieces made of aluminium and non-magnetic materials.

If a single-spindle pre- or post-processing is nevertheless indispensable, SW offers you the suitable solution with the BA one8. Just like the BA one6, the concept is designed for optimum integration into your multi-spindle production chain. The BA W08-22 in combination with the BA one8 - a concept that takes you further. It is the "bigger sister" of the BA one6 and has its two-spindle counterpart in the BA W08.

It has a very similar field of application as the one6, but due to its working area size it is used for 4- and 5-axis machining of larger light metal workpieces, e.g. truck transmission housings and structural components. It can even be equipped with a HSK 100 spindle to hold heavy, long tools. Despite its size, it is also designed as a crane hook machine. Due to its similar design to the machines of the W series, the BA one8 is ideally suited for joint linking and robot loading directly from above. 

Name BA one8 HSK-A100 BA one8 HSK-80 BA one8 HSK-A63
Spindles 1 1 1
Spindle distance - - -
Speed range 1 - 10 000 rpm 1 - 12 500 rpm 1 - 17 500 rpm (40% ED)
Power / torque 28 kW / 340 Nm (25% ED) 42 kW / 200 Nm (10% ED) 35 kW / 80 Nm (40% ED)
HSK interface Spindle HSK-A100 Spindle HSK-A80 Spindle HSK-A63
X-dimension (mm) 800 800 800
Y-dimension (mm) 1000 1000 950
Z-dimension (mm) 650 650 650