Machining center / BA W04

For machining workpieces made of non-magnetic materials such as aluminium / titanium alloys.

If you are looking for a machining center for the optimal machining of aluminum workpieces, you’ve come to the right place. With its direct-drive technology in all axes (linear motors in the X, Y and Z axes, and torque motors in the rotary axes), the BA W04 is a reliable workhorse for machining light-metal workpieces with minimal auxiliary process time. The 4-spindle version has quickly established itself as the ideal machine for brake master cylinders and ABS valve housings.

With a monobloc design, an integrated 3-axis unit and the double swivel table typical of SW machines, the BA W04 has attained the next level of stability and accuracy, while maintaining the highest acceleration rates. One or two 5-axis rotary tables from SW with torque motors can be integrated into all variants. Flexible, highly productive and reliable, all at the same time.

Name BA W04-22 BLOCK BA W04-22 BA W04-42
Spindles 2 2 4
Spindle distance 400 400 200
Speed range 1 - 17 500 rpm 1 - 17 500 rpm 1 - 17 500 rpm
Power / torque 2 x 35 kW / 2 x 80 Nm (40% ED) 2 x 35 kW / 2 x 80 Nm (40% ED) 4 x 32 kW / 4 x 72 Nm (40% ED)
HSK interface Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle HSK-A63 Spindle HSK-A63
X-dimension (mm) 400 400 300
Y-dimension (mm) 500 500 500
Z-dimension (mm) 425 425 425