Machining center / BM 1250

For machining workpieces made of aluminium, cast iron or steel.

Why use a rotary dial machine when you can mount multi-spindle heads in the monobloc of the BM 1250? In the BM 1250, the fixtures that hold the parts travel to the tools, making it possible to perform operations that are not technically or economically feasible on other machining centers. Whether you are using large milling cutters, multi-spindle drill heads or other configurations – the tool wall can accommodate all manner of special operations without any problems.

The basic machine is the “standard,” but the design of the machining operations and fixtures is highly specific. Compared to rotary transfer machines, the accessibility of the working area, as well as all other assemblies, is optimal. In the monobloc design, the drill heads and workpieces are directly opposite each other.

Name BM 1250
Spindles 8
Spindle distance 500
Speed range Upon request
Power / torque Upon reques
HSK interface Upon reques
X-dimension (mm) 675
Y-dimension (mm) 1250
Z-dimension (mm) 500