Machining center / BX 621

For machining workpieces made of steel, cast iron or light metals.

Robust, cost-effective and innovative, the two-spindle single-station machine BX 621 is equipped with SW's patented mono-wall technology. Specially developed for this machining centre, it ensures closed force flow and optimum rigidity during machining. Another new feature is the division of the feed axes. The tools move in Y and Z direction, the workpieces in X direction. The X-axis with integrated rotary axis supports the clamping device.

Ball screws in the linear axes, torque motor in the rotary axis. Absolutely free chip fall due to horizontally arranged working spindles and console design of the X-axis. For large workpieces made of steel, cast iron and light metal. The HSK 100 work spindles with 600 mm spindle spacing make the BX 621 a state-of-the-art machining centre that is currently unique on the market.

Name BX 621
Spindles 2
Spindle distance 600
Speed range 1 - 6 000 rpm
Power / torque 2 x 26 kW / 2 x 250 Nm (25% ED)
HSK interface Spindle HSK-A100
X-dimension (mm) 600
Y-dimension (mm) 525
Z-dimension (mm) 400