Technology redefined

60 % less cycle time per workpiece

In the series production of metal components, every tenth of a second of cycle time saved and every micron of precision is important. And that is exactly what the production solutions from SW deliver. Machining with horizontal work spindles ensures that swarf falls optimally downwards, leaving an unobstructed view of the working area. The patented monoblock ensures an optimal flow of force between the machining unit and the workpiece carrier. This improves process reliability while providing exceptional dynamism and precision.

A new and innovative control terminal offers improved ergonomics and draws on user experience to ensure the intuitively correct operation of our machine tools. With the multi-spindle machining of up to four workpieces at the same time, loading and unloading in parallel to machining time, and maximum dynamic performance in all movements, SW is setting new standards for maximum productivity – from the first chip to the complete component. 

Up to 50% / less energy costs


Higher energy efficiency in machining processes

Few companies measure the power consumed by a machine during its various processes. Energy consumption, however, remains a major cost driver in production. Energy efficient machining centers reduce power expenditure while making a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

SW has years of experience in this regard and can offer measurable efficiency gains. One four-spindle machine from SW provides more output than four single-spindle machines – and uses about half the energy and one third of the cycle time per workpiece to do it. SW produces more while consuming less.


1/3 Floor Space


More production capacity in a smaller installation area

multiply your output using less space

Every day, every minute, floor space occupied by machines costs you money. As you run out of space this becomes even more relevant. Multi-spindle machines can be your solution.

Compared to single-spindle machines, four-spindle machines require just one third of the footprint. By multiplying the output from a given area, SW turns space into money. 

Highspeed is linear

Linear motor or ball screw drive

High dynamics reduce non-productive time

rapid traverse+40%
chip-to-chip times-27%

Every tenth of a second that a tool is not working on the component is wasted time. SW has therefore declared war on non-productive time. The most effective way to do this is to ensure highly dynamic performance in all movements to and from the workpiece and while changing tools.

Depending on the size of the machines and their intended use, linear motors or ball screw drives can be used to accelerate the axes by up to 20 m/s². This enables us to achieve chip-to-chip times of under 3 seconds – on up to four machining axes at the same time on our multi-spindle machines.